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About Us

PIXAFUSION was a simple web design company that started in Wales, yes the land with sheep and daffodils.  It was a simple start-up delivering web-sites to local businesses.  As time passed we were approached by more and more companies to provide more and more services, we soon found ourselves managing print jobs, developing brochures and even developing web apps.  So soon after we thought that we can do this for more people and from our humble back of a shop beginnings we branched out to the bright lights of London.  We are growing because we are good.  Our designers deliver and our Account managers ensure that the Clients are given the attention they deserve.

We are a boutique agency that is growing from strength to strength.  We are one of the leading agencies in South Wales that is now spreading its wings all over the world by using both cutting edge technology and brilliant design we make sure our clients get noticed.

Our aim is to ensure our Clients are not just happy but blown away with what we create for them.  We are able to transform ideas into reality and deliver on time and on budget.  Our growth to date has been based on referrals so we must be doing something right!