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30 Sep 2013

Image Formats

By Lee Price

There are a number of image formats you can use, but when should each be used and why?  The type you use depends on the image you are intending to use – be it photograph or animation. We’d like to share our experience of the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Continue Reading…

30 Sep 2013

Meet the team: Darshan Patel


1.     How long have you been running a business?

I started my first business in July 2000, aged 12 (I think – or 13) buying and selling computers, I started buying parts to juice up my pc but ended up selling them and making a healthily profit meaning I could buy endless after-school snacks!

After progressing to selling them at various auction sites, through papers and leaflets, along came eBay and, from selling computers I got into selling master reseller rights for eBooks. Next was hosting/servers and websites and then university and running the family hotel business.  All this experience led to PIXAFUSION… Continue Reading…

30 Sep 2013

Why pay for a logo design?

  1. For the same reason as you would dress to impress at a job interview, a good logo represents your company and is often the first impression; If you care about your appearance it follows that you care about your business, and your customers. Continue Reading…
28 Sep 2013

Great Green Gooseberry


Great Green Gooseberries Limited was founded by Joe Heavey and Leslie Judd in late 2012 to bring together a set of services and products to enable individuals and corporates to lead a more environment-friendly existence. Continue Reading…

27 Sep 2013

Gmail vs Outlook – Penalty Shoot-out

By Darshan Patel

We love a good argument, and one of that is repeated between Darshan, the MD, and Umesh, Head of Commercial and Business Affairs, is with regards to the superiority of Google over Outlook… Continue Reading…